Warning to party-goers on ambulance service’s Black Friday

EEAST ambulance
EEAST ambulance

Party-goers across Hertfordshire are being urged to avoid ending their night out in the back of an ambulance on what the ambulance services call ‘Black Friday.’

The East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust (EEAST) has seen a 10% increase on calls this year compared to 2013 and is issuing the advice on what is traditionally one of its busiest days in the year.

Emergency response. Photo: EEAST

Emergency response. Photo: EEAST

The service is reminding people planning to let their hair down to watch their alcohol intake and avoid the consequences of drinking excessively.

Director of Clinical Quality for EEAST, Tracy Nicholls, said: “We certainly don’t want to dampen the Christmas spirit, we want people to enjoy and remember their night out; no-one wants their party to end in the back of an ambulance.

“Before heading out, ensure you have eaten properly or at least a good snack if you’re out for dinner.

“Never be tempted to drink and drive, and designate a driver at the start of the night who isn’t drinking, or ensure you have transport booked to get you home.

“Stay close to the people you’re out with, don’t let them wander off by themselves, and ensure you’re wrapped up warm with the cold weather.”

The advice comes as the service revealed it responded to 16,465 calls from patients between December 8 and 14, an increase of 11% on same week last year.

On Saturday 13 alone, EEAST responded to nearly 3,000 patients when the average call out per day is about 2,300.

Ms Nicholls added: “Our message is quite simply for people to know their limits.

“More ambulances will then be available to attend life-threatening emergencies such as cardiac arrests, a heart attack or a stroke, and people the most at risk such as the elderly.”

The ambulance service will be working with voluntary organisations and the police in city centres across the East of England to provide immediate care to people who are suffering from excess alcohol, or those who have sustained a minor injury during the night.