Warning: make sure sheds and garages are secure to prevent thieves targeting your homes

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Householders are being urged to ensure their sheds are secure as we head into the summer months.

Dacorum Community Safety Partnership has put out a warning that sheds are an attractive target for thieves.

Partnership co-ordinator Dave Moore said: “With more and more houses being equipped with burglar alarms and other security measures, traditional burglars are opting for easy pickings at the end of the garden.”

Here are some simple measures that people can take to help prevent them from becoming a victim:

>Make sure you lock your shed and use strong locks and fit any padlocks with protectors.

>Replace exposed screws on hinges/locks with coach bolts.

>Fit an alarm to your shed.

>Security mark the contents in your shed, make note of the serial numbers on equipment and consider photographing valuable items.

>Check that your insurance covers thefts from your shed and garden.

>Fit an external security light that is activated by movement and will act as a deterrent to would be burglars.

>Make sure that tools and ladders are put away after use.

>Secure and cover windows to prevent anyone from seeing in.

>Secure portable items such as bicycles to the structure of the building.