Warning after fraudsters target Hemel


A WARNING has been issued by police after con artists scammed an 80 year-old man out of thousands of pounds.

And there have been five other incidents in Dacorum where householders, often elderly, have been targeted.

The victims are told that they are owed large sums of money through a PPI claim or a loan agreement. The crooks tell them that in order to release the money they need to pay an admin fee by using Ukash vouchers.

The vouchers, which can be purchased at shops and post offices, are an alternative to using credit cards to pay for things online.

Six incidents have occurred in Dacorum since the beginning of April with people buying vouchers ranging from £58 to £2,250.

After the victims, who have ranged from 21 to 80-years-old, buy the vouchers they are asked to call the scammers back to give them the voucher and receipt numbers.

The 80-year-old victim gave details of 16 vouchers totalling £2,250. Fraudsters then use the codes pay for items, often on international websites where funds cannot be traced.

Anyone who receives a call of this nature or who thinks they may have been a victim should contact police on 101.