Waltzing? I’d prefer a piece of cake...

Strictly Learn Dancing 2012- lesson 2. 'Dancers get stuck into cake provided by borthday girl Victoria Roberts, 31.
Strictly Learn Dancing 2012- lesson 2. 'Dancers get stuck into cake provided by borthday girl Victoria Roberts, 31.

Gazette news editor Victoria West hopes to rake in cash for the Hospice of St Francis by taking to the dance floor in the charity’s Strictly Learn Dancing event – and each week she reports on her progress

HOMEMADE cupcakes provided by birthday girl and fellow dancer Victoria Roberts were the highlight of this week’s dance session.

The 31-year-old, who is dancing with James Apps, won friends, right, with her iced delights and we were so grateful that we even sang Happy Birthday.

But before we were allowed to get stuck into the cakes we had to get to grips with a few more steps of the waltz under the instruction of dance teachers Brian and Shirley Cusworth.

It went surprisingly smoothly but there’s still much twirling around the living room to be done before reluctant dance buddy Michael Carillo and I have the steps cemented in our memories.

Then, of course, we’ll have to start thinking about the extra bits and bobs that make a performance – head up, smile, add a bit of your own flair – that I suspect will be the most tricky part of all, but we’re so not there yet.

So after a quick break and a cake it was on to the jive, which could have oh so very easily caused a row.

Dancing, I’ve been told, is meant to ignite passion between a couple – one pair from last year’s competition even went as far as to say it had given their relationship a new lease of life. And when, at my first dance session, Shirley warned: ‘Don’t argue with your partners’ I laughed it off. Who would be so silly? Well, it’s coming my way I can tell you.

The jive prompted a lot of tongue biting on both sides and Michael was counting down the minutes to 9pm when we could leave the dancing behind and go home.

In happier news, I’ve been working on collecting sponsorship in a bid to reach our £800 target.

Last week I received a donation from a Gazette reader, who got in touch after learning of my dancing efforts.

Family members have promised to give their support and the team at Hemel Martial Arts – the Fensomes Alley gym where I first met Michael – have been digging deep.

But there’s still a way to go. To give your support visit www.justgiving.com/victoriaandmichael

> The competition is now one couple down due to a knee injury.

It means Hospice of St Francis senior community fundraiser Fran Martin, who already had a man ready and willing to join the fun, is on the hunt for a lady to complete the duo. Call 01442 869550 to find out more.