Vox Pop: What creepy crawlies are you afraid of?


Reporter Natalee Hazelwood has been asking people in Hemel Hempstead’s Marlowes what they think of the Eurosceptic party’s recent performance.

Karen Toyne, Aston Clinton:

“I absolutely hate spiders because of their legs but I am getting a bit better since watching ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’ but it’s just the look of them I don’t like, especially when they walk.”

Pam Sangster, Tring:

“Flies, because they land on your food in the summer. They’re absolutely disgusting, buzzing around the place.”

Rob Ewers, shops in Tring:

“Frogs make me quiver, I hate them. When I was younger I thought there was a ball in my garden, I picked it up but it was a toad. I screamed and I have never picked one up since.”

Ivy Bazell, Tring:

“They’re all quite welcome to come in my garden and run around the same as I do. They’re part of the environment and the ecology of life. Without them there wouldn’t be any of us here.”

Melvyn Harris, shops in Tring:

“Spiders are the only ones I don’t like, anything else I’m willing to pick up or shoot around the house after when someone screams. I’ve got no problem with them.”