Vox Pop: What are your New Year’s resolutions?


Reporter Victoria Bull caught January sales shoppers in Hemel Hempstead to ask if they’ll be making any changes in 2015.

Elizabeth Horton, Adeyfield: ‘I’m not really into all that. There’s not really anything I’m focusing on this year – except for the general election!’

Robert Firth, Bovingdon: ‘I don’t do things that way. Having been in the entertainment business, I think you have to be like a spider – keep making the web, no matter how much it gets torn. It’s unyielding persistence.’

Tracy Littlechild, Boxmoor: ‘It’s the standard – give up smoking and get fit. I’m going to actually visit the gym isntead of just paying for monthly membership – it’s gotten to the point where they’re actually writing to me!’

Fred Winne, Boxmoor: ‘I don’t really make resolutions, I’m getting too old for all that. You don’t give a monkeys about that sort of thing when you get to a certain age!’

Christopher Webb, Bovingdon: ‘New Year’s resolutions always get broken, we never keep them after a couple of weeks. I am just going to focus on getting fit and healthy.’