Vox Pop: The Rugby Six Nations has begun, but will you be watching?


Reporter Victoria Bull has been asking shoppers at Grovehill’s Henry Wells Square whether they’ll be getting behind England in the Six Nations tournament.

George Mortimer, Adeyfield: ‘I’m a fan, big style. I’m hoping England will win – I would like to think they will be able to.’

Norma Battersby, Gadebridge: ‘I don’t watch it but I will be interested in the outcome. I do hope England have a chance.’

Keith Parsonson, Grovehill: ‘No, I’m not into the Six Nations. I read about it in the papers, I might even catch the final – but I’m not a big fan of it.’

Laura Evans, Grovehill: ‘I’m not really interested in it. To be honest, I’m not really into any kind of sport. I wouldn’t even know if England have a chance of winning.’

Jim Ackroyd, Grovehill: ‘I do quite like watching the rugby. I think probably Ireland will win the whole thing – I don’t think England will beat Wales either.’