Vox Pop: Is freedom of speech is under threat following last week’s events in Paris?


Reporter Victoria Bull asked shoppers in Hemel Hempstead town centre whether they were concerned about the effects of the Paris terrorist attacks on freedom of speech.

David Lay, Adeyfield: ‘We need freedom of speech – it’s one of our rights in life. We also need fairness between different races, and between men and women. We need to remember most Muslims are loyal citizens.’

John Martin, Gadebridge: ‘We ought to have our freedom of speech. The way it seems to be going at the moment with the events in Paris shows all that is going back to front.’

Raymond Davies, Warners End: ‘Freedom of speech is very important. Being an older person, I know that we used to be able to speak our minds years ago – but we are more pinned down now.’

Alex Davies, Warners End: ‘We definitely need to protect our freedom of speech. On things like social media there are restrictions on it and you have got to be careful.’