Vox Pop: Do you think public sector and firefighters’ strikes are effective?

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thegazette@jpress.co.uk PNL-140717-152836001

Reporter Victoria Bull has been out and about in Hemel Hempstead’s Marlowes asking people what they think about the latest rounds of industrial action.

Nick Worts, Bennetts End:

‘I think it is disgraceful. I haven’t had a pay rise in six yor seven years, but I still go to work every day. I think striking should be illegal and unions should be abolished.’

Dean Burman, Bovingdon:

‘Being a police officer, I think they have a right to strike because we are not allowed, and our working conditions are as poor. If they can get something from it, fair play.’

Dawn Rance, Bovingdon:

‘I t’s their only way to be heard, otherwise no-one would take any notice. It goes on the news so it draws attention to their problems. I have three children so I know what it’s about for teachers.’

John Jenkins, Highfield:

‘The strikes haven’t affected me in any way, but I say good luck to them if they can get something out it. They have had to put up with these issues for so long so it is fair enough.’

Justin Sheppard, Kings Langley:

‘I think being held to ransom by unions isn’t the best way to run. The government needs to look at how it can meet their demands rather than be held to ransom. It should be about discussion.’