Vox pop: Do you think hospital care is good enough for the people of Dacorum?

Is hospital car good enough in Dacorum?
Is hospital car good enough in Dacorum?

Reporter David O’Neill has been asking people in Hemel Hempstead what they think of their hospital care.

Jo dolling, Hemel Hempstead:

When having my fourth child I got a bus to Watford. Luckily he was slow coming. With my fifth they swore I wasn’t ready... I had him quickly. If I have left, he would have been born on a bus.

Claire Klosterman, Hemel Hempstead: Our hospital should be reinstated to a full working hospital with A&E – have you actually tried to get to our LOCAL hospital in Watford in a hurry? Definitely not local!

Kathy Wesch, Hemel Hempstead:

We need our hospital back in Hemel Hempstead. As a West Herts trained nurse, standards were good in Hemel. Then again, I trained before Project 2000.

Stephanie Routledge, Hemel Hempstead:

Not knocking the nurses and doctors, but it’s a joke. 
Two to three week waiting lists – no wonder the Accident & Emergency department is so busy.

Amy Lilley, Hemel Hempstead:

We need full time maternity and children services in Hemel. This isn’t some small village with an aging population. How many mothers, babies and children do you see on a daily basis?