Vox pop: As Herts police commissioner warned crime may be up this year, do you feel safe?


Reporter Victoria Bull spoke to people out in Hemel Hempstead town centre to find out their views on crime in the area.

Peter Axten, Gadebridge:

‘I think everybody should be worried about crime – more so older people. Years ago you didn’t worry so much, but now you hear about people carrying knives.’

Mick Maloney, town centre:

‘I have never been a victim of crime while living in Dacorum. I think it is a safe neighbourhood, but it does annoy me that the police station’s front desk closed.’

Angela Shrimpton, Woodhall Farm:

‘We’ve had a few burglaries where I live over the last couple of years so I think people are concerned. Reporting a crime now takes a lot longer and everything is done over the phone.’

Derek Rookley, Tring:

‘Crime doesn’t particularly concern me as generally I think this is quite a safe place to live. But I think Tring might be safer than Hemel Hempstead, it tends to be quieter there.’

Bekah Mostyn, Adeyfield:

Crime isn’t seen as a big issue here because people think of it as being quite safe, but because of that many people don’t take precautions. You can’t just assume it’s always going to be safe.