Vox Pop: Are you for or against the plans for new homes and traveller pitches in Tring?

Vox Pop
Vox Pop

Senior reporter David O’Neill has been asking members of the Everything Tring Facebook page what they think of plans for new homes and traveller pitches in Tring.

Maxine Carter, Tring:

I moved to Tring away from London for it’s size so a new development is far from ideal, not to mention the strain this puts on local services e.g. the doctor’s surgery. It’s very disappointing.

Terry Veal, Tring:

Lived in Tring all my life and have known that field forever. I am more than happy as it means 200 new houses for me to clean, which means that I can retire at 50.

Dan Jellis, Long Marston:

No issues from the traveller site near me. Most are more pleasant than some non-travellers. Maybe constant migration of city dwellers is the cause of the problems? And multiple home owners?

Samantha Davis, Tring:

Tring does not have the infrastructure to support 200 houses. Schools already have waiting lists with the closure of Francis house. We need infrastructure first, then build the houses.

Amanda Barber Johnson, Tring:

Tring will become too “urbanised” – shame to spoil the country side and what about the wildlife which will be destroyed or pushed further out to make way for all these buildings?