Voters packed in to pick sports winners

1/11/2011'Trampolines at Ashlyns School, Berkhamsted.'Connie Burger, 14.
1/11/2011'Trampolines at Ashlyns School, Berkhamsted.'Connie Burger, 14.

TENS of thousands of pounds were dished out to community groups in the most popular event of its kind – and the first organised by a youth council.

About 230 people gathered at Berkhamsted Civic Centre on Sunday to choose which organisations were given a share of £50,956 set aside for sport projects.

At the event each group had two minutes to say why it deserved the cash before the public asked questions.

Then people voted for their three favourite ideas, which were dished out points in order of people’s preference.

Berkhamsted Youth Town Council then set up the voting event, called a participatory budget scheme.

It had the biggest turn-out of any event of its kind held so far, the youngsters said.

Voting officer Kevin Ambrose said: “I think it is the first time in the country that it has not been run by councillors or residents but by the youth.”

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The winners:

Berkhamsted Raiders

Points Club Applied for:

185 Berkhamsted Raiders £5,092.85 for new goalposts, nets flags and equipment.

138 The Lighthouse youth group at St Mary’s Church, Northchurch £379.97 for a new table tennis, pool table and air hockey.

106 Maclay Football Club £5,142.91 for portable goals, team kit, shelters and football bibs.

84 Berkhamsted Town Council, Berkhamsted £15,000 to resurface the astroturf pitch at Lagley Meadow Youth Centre in the town’s Douglas Gardens.

82 Ashlyns School, Berkhamsted £4,200 for a new trampoline for the visually impaired.

75 Westfield First School £9,880 to install an all-weather surface in its playground.

63 Berkhamsted Cricket Club £3,000 for a new sight screen.

62 Northchurch Baptist Church £1,174.50 for football goals, a table tennis table, pool table and netball nets.

53 Berkhamsted Gymnastics Club £3,180 for a equipment including a launch pad.

50 1st Northchurch Scouts £3,276 for kayaks and associated equipment.

37 Berkhamsted Bowls Club Were given £2,509.77 of the £2,250 they applied for to buy junior bowls.

The losers who did not get any money:

32 Happy Days Pre-school £1,431.30 for play equipment at a nursery that will open in January.

27 Sacred Heart Church, Berkhamsted £1,202.84 for football equipment, table tennis table and pool table.

26 Kitcheners Bowls Club £908 for small-sized bowls for women and children.

24 Northchurch Parish Council £4,500 to resurface village skate ramp.

21 St Michaels and All Saints Church, Sunnyside, Berkhamsted £694.84 for footballs, goals, pump, whistles, bibs, pool table and kit for its youth group.

15 Northchurch Cricket Club £2,000 for a new scoreboard and connection fee.

13 Kings Road Church, Berkhamsted £2,250 for crash mats, sumo suits, pool table, football goals, table tennis equipment, dart board and trampoline for youth group.

6 Potten End Cricket Club £3,399 for a bowling machine and practice equipment.