Vodafone makes tracks for new phone mast near station

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A 15-METRE mobile phone mast could be sited in Berkhamsted town centre if planners give the green light.

The mast next to Berkhamsted railway station would include three antennas, taking its total height to 17 metres, if the Vodafone scheme goes ahead.

An equipment cabin would be installed next to the mast, enclosed by a 1.8-metre fence.

The site would be moved to the site from another base nearby.

Dominic Needham wrote to Berkhamsted Town Council on behalf of Vodafone. The site meets health guidelines and would be hidden from view by trees, he said.

He says: “This site is required to maintain 2G and 3G network coverage and capacity to the Berkhamsted area.”

To have your say on the plans, email him on dominic.needham@monoconsultants.com by Friday. After that, a planning application will be submitted for the work.