‘Violent rapist’ found guilty after filming his abuse of woman


A jury who watched 90 minutes of rough and violent homemade sex videos on Friday convicted a man of six charges of rape.

Robert Atkinson, 41, of Cleves Road, Woodhall Farm, abused his victim by recording sex acts. The public gallery at St Albans Crown Court was cleared while the jury viewed the videos.

Prosecutor Isabel Delamere said: “The sex was rough, very often following physical violence. He filmed the sex and liked to include other people.”

At the end of last year, the woman complained to the police and Atkinson was arrested on Friday, December 20. When questioned by detectives, he blamed the woman’s friends for putting her up to it.

Atkinson was found guilty of six charges of rape, attempted rape, two charges of causing actual bodily harm during the course of last year. He was found not guilty of another charge of assault by beating and voyeurism. He was cleared of a charge of common assault on the direction of the judge.

Judge Andrew Bright QC remanded Atkinson in custody while reports are prepared. He said Atkinson faced a ‘very, very substantial prison sentence’.

He said to him: “You have been convicted of very serious offences – sexual offences and violence against the person. The court will have to consider whether you are a dangerous offender and whether it is appropriate to pass a sentence to protect the public.”

After sending Atkinson to the cells, the judge thanked the jury for their work on the case.

He said: “You had to watch one and a half hours’ worth of videos you wish you did not have to watch.”

Atkinson is due to be sentenced on Friday, October 3.