Villages have a change of beats to reduce travel

POLICE in Berkhamsted no longer have responsibility for patrolling at Aldbury and Wigginton.

Instead, Tring officers will be on watch in the villages after a reorganisation of their beats.

Herts Police spokesman Olivia Finucane said: “It makes more geographical sense.”

Despite the change, she said officers are evenly-distributed between Tring and Berkhamsted.

Miss Finucane said the change means responses to crimes in the villages will be quicker and police presence will be higher because of the reduced distance to travel.

“We are all being forced to scrutinise everything, down to our beats,” she added. “With the resources, we are not recruiting new officers for some time. We are having to look at things from the ground up.”

Tring town councillor Nick Hollinghurst, who lives in Wigginton, supported the move and said it will allow more speed control on the village roads.

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