Village vandals ‘still on the loose’ as parish counts cost

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THE people behind a spate of village vandalism are still on the loose, said its parish council’s leader

The Gazette reported last month that a 13-year-old boy was reported to police by his mother.

The vandalism was discovered by Potten End Parish Council chairman Simon Barnard on Tuesday, February 14.

Dog mess was scattered around the green, a tree commemorating a dead villager was gouged out and a barrier around a tree for Second World War heroes was bent.

This and other crimes caused more than £500 worth of damage.

At an annual parish meeting on Monday, Mr Barnard said the boy has been made to repair and pay for the damage.

But he said: “The boy was not responsible for all the damage, as reported in the Gazette.”

Police said they will reinvestigate if fresh intelligence comes to light.