Veterans ‘insulted’ by VE Day event snub

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Despite the nation being in the middle of a series of 100th anniversary commemorations to mark the First World War, members of the British Legion said they felt “insulted” by the town’s club.

In contrast they were full of praise for the town’s branch of the charity, which is a 
separate entity to the social club in Queensway.

Terry Jackson, who has been a member of the serviceman’s association for 20 years, said: “The club is supposed to be for servicemen, ex-
servicemen, and people who died serving their country.

“But on VE Day there was nothing - it’s disgraceful.

“Millions of people died, but the club couldn’t even raise a flag or put the bunting out.

“What an insult.

“When we found out there was nothing going on we just had to go to the Berkhamsted club instead.

“It was the same last year, and it will be the same on VJ Day and on D-Day - the club does naff all.”

Ray Luxton, chairman of the club’s committee, declined to comment on the claims.

But Peter Gibbons, who is chairman of the Hemel branch of the legion, said: “We branch and the club are separate entities - the club is a business and we are a 
charity, so we have no say over what they do.

“As a branch we did put 
on an event at the war 
memorial and our members did enjoy it.”