UPDATED WITH VIDEO: Mystery beast captured on camera?

The idea that there may be a frightening feline on the prowl in Hemel Hempstead hasn’t made many people paws for thought... but a cat-trick of reported sightings have been followed by a fourth which has been captured on video.

Since we reported last week that CCTV engineer Haroon Khan spotted what looked like a monstrous moggy as he drove along Bunkers Lane, two other sharp-eyed residents have been in touch to say they’ve seen the beast, too.

Beast of Buncefield? This poorly fox could be what all the fuss is about...

Beast of Buncefield? This poorly fox could be what all the fuss is about...

And today a motorist, who has asked to remain anonymous, has sent the Gazette a video of an unidentifiable ‘beast’ near Buncefield. On first viewing the animal appears to be a large fox. But on closer inspection its body is not that of a typical fox and is very much feline and chocolate brown/grey in colour.

That matches the description of Karen Dunn, who explained she saw a large cat in an ‘unusual chocolate brown colour that lightened in to almost ginger at its tips’ carrying a dead bird in its mouth, near Gadebridge Park alongside the Leighton Buzzard Road.

She said: “It was looking so wild, casually walking along with the dead bird in its mouth. It could belong to one of the residents of the flats over the road, but it did look extremely unusual and distinctive!”

To add more witness statements to the case, Lesley Martin of Oliver Road believes the panther-like puss uses her garden as a walk-through, as she’s seen – and heard – it several times.

She said: “It’s got a very long tail that swishes backwards and forwards. It’s more like a tiger – it’s not a cat you would have in your house. It swaggers along, and I hear it jumping over my fence.”

Mrs Martin says she is too afraid to venture to the back of her garden, but hopes to get a photograph of the beast next time it prowls her path.

Have you seen the mystery animal, or got a theory as to what the animal in this video could be? Get in touch at thegazette@jpress.co.uk