UPDATE: Misery forecast for commuters all day as power lines come down at Watford Junction

The power lines causing an issue at just outside Watford Junction
The power lines causing an issue at just outside Watford Junction

Railway engineers are hoping to re-open the slow line out of Euston tonight following disruption at Watford Junction early this morning.

A spokesman from London Midland said: “The down slow track – for services out of London - is expected to reopen this evening. The slow track which runs into London will remain out of use until the start of service tomorrow morning.”

Commuters suffered severe delays and cancellations to their train services through Hemel Hempstead today following damage to overhead power cables just north of the station.

The 4.48 train from Northampton to Euston came to a halt in a tunnel just north of Watford Junction on its journey this morning, which meant staff had to escort 200 passengers from carriages to the safety of the nearest station. Commuters were still able to use the overground service from Watford Junction to get into the capital.

Due to the damage, the slow line was brought out of use and caused a knock-on effect, with significant delays for the entire day while the problem was being fixed.

A spokesman for London Midland said: “Services from London Midland, Virgin Trains, Southern and freight services will have to use the one line, so we’re expecting disruption throughout the whole day.”

They said that there was no time frame available for the re-opening of the line, but that there were engineers on site.

“The last log we received was at 8.55, saying there was a walkthrough being done to assess the damage. The issue is with the line itself, where the pantograph connects to the train. That structure moves around during transit and from the pictures, it appears that the line has become wrapped around the pantograph.”

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