U-turn on unpopular strict clear corridor rule

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In a victory for old folk, council chiefs have agreed to bend the rules on its strict clear corridors policy in sheltered housing complexes.

Dacorum Borough Council has announced that the policy will be amended after listening to tenants.

It comes after uproar among pensioners after they were ordered to strip their corridors of homely touches such as pictures and pot plants.

Councillor Margaret Griffiths, who oversees housing, said: “We absolutely take the safety of our residents as our first concern. Having met with residents, along with the local fire service, we think we have found a compromise where residents can keep some pictures and furniture in corridors.”

Council officers will work with each supported housing scheme over the next year and liaise with tenants to find out what may be kept in corridors under the new rules.

It is likely to include putting pictures on walls behind Perspex to make them safe in the event of a fire.