Tring still stinks but thundery showers tonight could help deal with pong

Is pig slurry the cause of the Tring stench?
Is pig slurry the cause of the Tring stench?

People from Tring say they’re still suffering from a pungent pong that has engulfed the town - but rain tonight should help dampen down the stench.

Neighbours to a field in Icknield Way where the foul smelling muck has been spread are still shutting themselves away to dodge the eye-watering stench.

The whiff has been caused by a farmer spreading manure to fertilise his land during the hot weather.

After a visit from a Dacorum Borough Council official he has now promised to stop spreading the muck but neighbours say what has already been spread is now festering in the warm heat.

One neighbour, who does not want to be named and has lived in the countryside for most of her life, said: “It is a far stronger pungent smell than what I’m used to.

“If I go outside, it gives me a migraine. It is just disgusting.

“I would like to go over there and deliver it to his front door and see how he feels.”

A Dacorum Borough Council spokesman said that turning-in the manure will make it smell more, which is why they asked him to stop.

She said: “We have asked him to resume turning it in when it rains - thundery showers are predicted tonight which will help with the odour and rain is forecast for Saturday so the farmer in all likelihood will turn it in then.”