Tring Martial Arts

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TRING Martial Arts Black Belt Academy will be having a grand opening of its permanent gym space in Akeman Street business park on Saturday at 2pm.

Name of organisation:

Tring Martial Arts

What are your main aims and objectives?

We aim to provide professional martial arts and fitness instruction, focusing on training each and every student to black belt excellence.

Where do you meet and how often?

The academy is open from Monday to Saturday with lunchtime and evening classes.

What sort of people are your members?

Our members come from all walks of life. They are seeking an opportunity to develop themselves in a non team based environment where individual effort is rewarded.

What would you say to someone to convince them to sign up?

We offer a free trial class prior to taking any membership, we are a really friendly martial arts academy and we are not a fight club!

Join us to develop your physical skills, learn about self-defence and increase your confidence in your own abilities.

Give us an idea of your activities in the last six months, and what do you have lined up for the future?

Since taking on the unit on the Akeman Street Business Park, we have been focused on growing our student base and introducing our new Krav Maga (self-defence) and Cage Fitness classes.

What sort of costs are involved in membership?

Membership costs from £59 per month by direct debit (£49 juniors), there is also a £50 joining fee but this includes a uniform, licence and a pair of gloves.

Does your club have a website that people can visit for more information?

Our website is

If someone would like to join, who should they contact?

Contact either chief instructor Christopher Allen or programme manager Paula Andrews on 0845 094 8805.