Tring citizens complain about BT sending them bin-worthy phone book for High Wycombe

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BT has defended itself against criticism that is sending the wrong phone book to people who live in Tring.

The telecoms giant released a statement to the Gazette after disgruntled townspeople complained on the Everything Tring Facebook page about being sent the High Wycombe directory.

One said: “Once again I have received the BT phone book for the area of High Wycombe. This is nuts.”

She said as BT drew a postcode line through the centre of town, everybody on one side of the town falls into the Wycombe catchment area.

She said: “I’m delivered a phone book with no Tring, Berko, Hemel or Aylesbury info. Straight into the recycling bin.”

Others said BT had ignored countless complaints about the problem.

One Facebook user said: “No point in doing anything; this has been happening for years and they don’t care.”

According to Google Maps, it takes 36 minutes to drive from Tring to High Wycombe – compared to 16 for Aylesbury, 12 for Berkhamsted and 19 for Hemel Hempstead.

But BT deny there is a problem. In a statement, spokesman Ian Read said: “We are not aware of a significant issue regarding the High Wycombe phone book.

“We review boundary areas to ensure the book is as relevant to the local area it serves, as much as possible.

“Inevitably different people will have different views of where some boundaries should lie.

“We do ask that if anyone is unhappy with the book they receive, they contact us to discuss options available.”

Ring BT on 0800 833 300 to discuss the matter. Mr Read said anyone who requires a phone book for a different area can order one at – but this will cost £10.