Tring Christmas sing-song makes much-needed money for African school

A community carol concert in Tring raised more than £1,000 towards helping provide electricity to a school in Uganda.

The sell-out event at the Victoria Hall in Akeman Street saw students from Tring School and Francis House Preparatory School on Aylesbury Road both perform music and sing to an appreciative audience.

The concert – in its third year – was organised by the town’s Justice and Peace group, affiliated to Churches Together in Tring.

Senior music teacher Alison Gent conducted Tring School’s swing band, while musical director at Francis House Julie Stanley guided the young choir in their renditions of Christmas carols.

Reverend Jane Banister acted as compere for the evening, which raised more than £1,000 for the Newman Primary School in Nyamirama, close to the border of the Democratic Republic of Congo and remote from the capital of Kampala.

The school opened in February this year and serves 242 pupils, but the building wasn’t equipped with basic essentials such as windows, doors, and floors – let alone books and toys.

Money raised in Tring in June saw windows and floors installed, and now the money raised from the Christmas concert will enable them to install electricity for the very first time.

For more on the work of the Justice & Peace group, visit their website here.