Trenches used to train First World War troops restored and mapped

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The Chilterns Commons Project, which aims, to clear and map trenches that were used to train First World War soldiers has now begun.

About eight miles of them were dug across Berkhamsted Common to help train the Inns of Court Officers Training Corps, nicknamed The Devil’s Own – but only about 500 metres’ worth remain.

Hundreds of trenches had been dug across the Chilterns to train soldiers for war – but most were filled in after hostilities ended in 1918.

Scrub clearance to restore Berkhamsted’s trenches began on Thursday, led by Norman Groves and aided by RAF Halton trainees and volunteers from the Chilterns Conservation Board and The Chiltern Society.

The first session to map their location began on Saturday, and the mapping will continue for six months.

Project spokesman Rachel Sanderson said: “After many months of planning we are delighted that work has started to learn more about this rare piece of WWI history near Berkhamsted.”