Villagers object to ‘50% increase in night flights’

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A proposed 50 per cent increase in night flights from Luton Airport would be ‘intolerable’ say villagers.

As well as objecting to airport expansion village leaders are also calling on secretary of state Eric Pickles to take the decision on Luton’s expansion plan away from the local council.

Councillor Hilary Killen, who chairs Flamstead Parish Council, said: “Aircraft noise is increasing, not reducing, and 50 per cent more night flights would be intolerable for all local communities.”

The council is writing to Mr Pickles, because “it a nationally significant infrastructure project and so should not be left to Luton Borough Council who has a vested interest in granting approval.”

Hertfordshire Against Luton Expansion (HALE) says the airport plans to increase night time take offs and landings from 34 in 2011 to 52 by 2028. In the summer there could be as 80 flights each night, says HALE.

“This is going to come as a very rude awakening, to people” HALE’s Tim Moss told the Gazette.

However, a spokesman for Luton Airport said the figure of 80 flights each night is incorrect.

He said: “At maximum capacity in 2028, the projected figure for night time movements on a typical busy day is 48. The quoted figure of 80 is incorrect.”