Sign blasted as ‘pointless cash waste’ by politician

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SEVERAL unnecessary road signs have cropped up around a village to plug a hole in Dacorum Borough Council’s budget, said a politician.

Potten End Parish Council chairman Simon Barnard says he has seen four or five of them appear within the last month.

He said: “It appears that there was a spate of putting signs up because they had money left over in a budget that would be lost if it was not spent.

“We are in two minds about asking for one to be removed as it has been put on village property without our permission.

“It’s not in keeping with the conservation area, where there should be black and white signs – and this one is green.”

The sign marks The Green and is opposite one that says the same thing for drivers coming in the other direction down the B-road.

Mr Barnard said: “It is a bit of a waste of money if it has not been requested by the parish council.”

But borough council operations manager Simon Coultas said: “We put up new street nameplates in response to requests from the public and other agencies.”