Parking: Is a decision on the way?

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A network of new parking permits could be given the go-ahead within a fortnight.

Berkhamsted Town Council has been considering plans for the residents-only zones around the train station and Charles Street areas since 2008.

The latest in a series of public consultations on the issue ended last month – and clerk Gary Cox has now finished counting responses for and against the plans. His findings will be presented to a council working party tomorrow, which will help decide what to do next.

After that a decision could be made as soon as Monday, November 26, in a vote at the next meeting of the full council.

If approved, the wheels would be set in motion to roll out the scheme via Dacorum Borough Council.

But the working party may decide that further research should be done, that further roads should be withdrawn from the plans, or that responses need to be re-examined externally. This could delay a decision until well into next year.

Garrick Stevens, a Lib Dem member of the Tory-controlled council, is against the plan.

He said: “If we are going to proceed with controlled parking zones, we should be told how much it will cost to set up and what the likely enforcement costs are going to be.”

The plans have been vociferously opposed by neighbours who say the change could lead to a decrease in the number of spaces available to them.

Many businesses say their staff find it hard enough to park nearby as it is – and permits will make this worse.

But Councillor Julie Laws, who helped draw up the plans, said they will be scrapped if no one supports them.

She said: “We want to stop residential streets looking like car parks.”