No plane reason for sky-fall ice

luton alert...see words ends
luton alert...see words ends

A LOUD bang woke the woman who found tennis ball-sized blocks of ice all over her back garden.

It was 4.30am on Saturday morning in otherwise quiet Lochnell Road in the village of Northchurch.

Householder Ann McCormack said: “At first I thought it was a wardrobe collapsing and everything falling out of it.”

The next day, she opened her loft to find sunlight pouring through a two-square-foot hole in her roof. It cost her close to £300 to repair the damage on Monday.

She said it may have come from a plane going to Luton Airport – but they deny all responsibility.

Civil Aviation Authority spokesman Richard Taylor said: “Ice falls are usually caused by a leak from an aircraft’s on-board water system.”

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