‘Hmm... what should we do with £90,000?’ ask town’s politicians

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POLITICIANS have blasted the damaged pavements in their town.

Herts County councillors have been given £90,000 to spend on Dacorum roads in their area.

Ian Reay, who represents Berkhamsted, has asked the town council – which he also sits on – how it would like the money for this year spent.

He suggested it could go into traffic calming measures in Durrants Lane and the High Street to cope with the expansion of nearby Westfield First School.

But town councillor Peter Matthews said he would rather focus on pavements – which the infirm and people in wheelchairs struggle with.

They were speaking during a meeting of the Berkhamsted Town Council transport and environment committee on Monday.

Councillor Tom Ritchie said: “We seem to have a huge number of damaged, unstable paving slabs.”

Council clerk Alan Kemp said: “The physical number of slabs which are loose and crooked is a huge number.”