Dacorum is worst hit by overnight gales

Tree blown down in Hawkshill Drive, Hemel Hempstead
Tree blown down in Hawkshill Drive, Hemel Hempstead

POWERFUL winds caused chaos in Dacorum and police say the borough had more trees blown down than anywhere else in Herts.

There were reports of 13 separate incidents caused by wind on Thursday and several main roads were closed during rush hour amid the chaos.

Plus a mum-of-four has told the Gazette how her children could have been killed if the family Range Rover had not stopped a tree from plummeting into their home.

The car was destroyed, but stopped the tree from ploughing through the roof of the Hawkshill Drive house in Hemel Hempstead just before 6am.

Police were called when a fallen tree blocked Redbourn Road - one of the main arteries into Hemel Hempstead - causing long tailbacks on nearby Swallowdale Lane.

Two trees fell across Station Road in Tring and police were called at about 7.50am after a woman drove into one of them.

Police spokesman Olivia Finucane said: “She was shocked, but not injured.”

Officers were called to remove a fallen tree blocking Icknield Way, just 15 minutes later.

Bulbourne Road, which leads onto Icknield Way, had one carriageway blocked by a fallen tree at about 8.10am - police had removed it within 20 minutes.

In Wood End Lane, Bennetts End, near Jockey End at about 8.40am, a tree had blocked the road between Gaddesden Road and Puddephat’s Lane. Police had helped move it out of the way by 9.20am.

In Fletcher Way, Highfield, a tree fell on the pavement outside a house – which was reported to police at about 8.20am.

In Northchurch, a fallen tree blocking Bell Lane just before its junction with Shootersway was reported at about 6.55am - and removed by 9.40am.

One carriageway of Potten End Hill, Water End, was blocked by a fallen tree just after 8am.

A tree blocking St Albans Hill in Bennetts End was reported to police at 3am and another blocking part of Bedmond Road in Pimlico was reported at around 6.15am.

In London Road, Hemel Hempstead, fencing was blown across the street at 4.30am, and a chimney was blown off in Wood Crescent, Bennetts End, and reported at about 8.45am.

Miss Finucane said: “Dacorum seems to have had more blown over trees on roads than any other part of the county.

“It is a bit shocking, but it is just the elements at this time of year unfortunately.”