Cyclist’s life ‘hangs in balance’ after Redbourn collision with car

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A father-and-son have been named as the two cyclists who were badly injured after colliding with a car – and one of them is now fighting for his life.

Steve Clarke (above), 59, and his son Ross, 28, who are members of the TMG Horizon Cycling Team and live in St Albans, have been in hospital since the collision on Wednesday evening.

Neil Wass, who runs the team, heard about the incident at the A5183 junction with Luton Lane in Redbourn, from Steve’s younger son Luke.

Mr Wass says Steve is now on a ventilator to help him breathe.

Mr Wass said: “His life is literally hanging in the balance at the moment. It is the sort of thing that makes you sick to the stomach. You can’t describe it, really.”

He said Luke will soon start taking part in bike races for the club again after recent health problems.

Mr Wass said: “They are a wonderful trio of guys, really – totally unassuming.

“They are very good-natured, very easy-going, experienced cyclists and very responsible individuals in terms of group riding.

“Their bike skills are beyond question and they ride thousands of miles each year.”

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