Crack-down measures drivers at speeds of up to 52mph

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POLICE are in the middle of a crack-down on speeding in villages often used as rat runs by drivers.

On average one or two speed checks a week are carried out in Potten End.

Since July last year, police have mounted 22 speeding patrols in Potten End. In that time, they have issued 14 speeding tickets and given 10 warnings to drivers breaking the 30mph speed limit but driving at under 35mph.

The highest recorded speed in that time was 52mph in a 30mph limit – but police said most speeders were travelling at between 35mph and 38mph.

They carry out a similar number of patrols in Northchurch and Little Gaddesden.

PC Stuart Francis said: “Potten End does not have any more of a problem around speeding than either of them, but it has added dangers due particularly where the speed limit changes from 60mph to a 30mph very quickly.”