Anger over ‘nimby’ remarks

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CAMPAIGNERS have slammed remarks made by a key supporter of a new high speed rail link that would carve its way through the Chilterns.

Professor David Begg, director of the Campaign for High Speed Rail, labelled those opposing the contentious plans for the new HS2 rail link as well-off NIMBYs.

The remarks, made to the House of Commons’ transport committee, were picked up and published in a national news report.

Mike Overall, vice chair of the Chilterns Society, which is against HS2, said: “I think it’s out of court for Professor Begg to name objectors as nimbys, when as a non-executive director for BAA, he has a vested interest in the HS2 proposal

“The only reason the proposed route passes through the Chilterns AONB is to connect with a station at Heathrow Airport, which was agreed as part of the HS2 plans.”