Town’s firms need better broadband


An IT firm is campaigning for broadband to be installed for Berkhamsted’s businesses after several of them threatened to relocate unless something is done about it.

Brash Solutions, which is based in the town’s Northbridge Road, says statistics show that internet problems have costs businesses more than £1,000 a months in the last year.

The firm says that although broadband has been available in Berkhamsted for some time, most of its businesses do not have access to it.

A post at says: “BT is prioritising residential customers rather than business and unfortunately it makes commercial sense for them to do so.

“Residential customers in general have very low internet usage during the day and only really use the internet at evenings and weekends.

“Businesses make huge demands for broadband bandwidth during the working day yet broadband prices are similar for residential and business customers.”

Beneath the post, businesses are asked what their current download speeds are and whether they would be happy to pay more for increased online speed and reliability.

Brash Solutions will use the responses to lobby BT to install broadband for all of Berkhamsted’s businesses.

Managing director Richard Brash said: “The idea is to put a lot of pressure on BT from the business community. Hopefully if we rattle the cage loudly enough, they will take notice.”

He said several businesses are now considering relocating because of the dreadful internet speeds.

He said: “People are prepared to pay more, because it is holding back their business growth.”

At the moment, BT monopolise the installation of broadband and have refused to say when it will be installed for Berkhamsted’s businesses, Mr Brash said.

He said: “We have got a business community that want it and need it, but it just is not happening.”