‘Totally unnecessary tarmac ruined road’

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THE flagstones of a quaint street in a historic market town have been paved over with tarmac.

Outraged householder Judith Bromfield who lives next to the work in Crossways, Berkhamsted, described it as “totally unnecessary.”

She said the flagstones had been in the road for 60 years until Hertfordshire Highways laid the tarmac.

Judith said: “I got on the phone to the council and they said they were not obliged to tell us. I think we would have barricaded the end of the road if they had done.”

“The reason they gave for tarmac is it’s low maintenance, but our flagstones have never been repaired in 40 years while I have been here.

“It makes a joke of the whole thing baring in mind that they have never seen them for so many years.

“It’s totally unnecessary and an absolute joke.”

She said the tarmac was not a very environmentally friendly option and that it was detrimental to the street scene.

She said: “They are spending God knows how many thousands to do totally unnecessary tarmacking.”

“It’s so unnecessary to ruin a road like this when the money could be spent elsewhere.”

The 72-year-old accepted some of the flagstones may have been slightly sunken, but said most were “pristine”.

She said it made councillors look disingenuous for asking electors how they would like council tax spent.

She said: “What’s the point in them asking us for our ideas to save money when they go and spend it doing this?

“Getting down the road has been difficult, because of all the lorries we have had here during the work.”

But Jo Brown, spokesman for Hertfordshire Highways, said: “We are replacing the paving because it is uneven and broken.

“Paving stones are expensive and labour-intensive to maintain so we are replacing them with tarmac as this is a much more durable, longer-lasting material.”

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