Tories celebrate after ‘doubling’ their majority

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THE Tories say their lead on the Lib Dems has ‘doubled’ for all of the wards in Berkhamsted.

Julie Laws, elected to Berkhamsted East on Dacorum Borough Council, was delighted all six Tories had been re-elected in the town.

Ms Laws, who is also town mayor, said her ward had doubled its majority over the second-place Lib Dems from 150 to 300.

Re-elected Berkhamsted West Tory councillor Ian Reay, who sits on the town and borough council, said: “We have roughly doubled our majorities in the town, but its Lib Dem vote seems to have collapsed.”

New faces Anthony Armytage and Catherine Warren will represent the castle ward for the Conservatives on the town council.

Tory Tom Ritchie will represent its west ward, and Roslyn Collins, wife of town council finance chief David, will represent its east ward.

Former Lib Dem Philip Gibbs stood down on the town council after moving away, leaving two re-elected Lib Dems and 13 Tories on it.

Former town councillor Lindy Foster-Weinreb, who dramatically announced she would leave the Tories during a hustings last month, was not re-elected as an independent. She had been a councillor since 1995.

Lib Dem Garrick Stevens, who was re-elected to the town council’s east ward, said his party may have been damaged by the AV debate.

He said the borough council could face cuts over the next few years, adding: “It remains to be seen whether the town council can turn itself into a proactive rather than a passive one.”