Top comics play to Adam’s gallery as they swing by Tring

Just A Minute is the name of the long-running radio show so revered that stand-ups know they’ve made it when they get invited on to the panel.

But it’s also the brief period of time that photographer Adam Hollier usually has to frame a portrait for posterity when big names on the stand-up circuit fly into Tring every summer.

Former Gazette editor Adam, now forging a new career as a photographer, is a familiar face at the Court Theatre and other town venues.

His close connections with the Tringe team mean that he has been able to built up a gallery of gag-makers – but there’s no hanging about.

He said: “The posed portraits were taken very quickly, in some cases, less than a minute. For Alexei Sayle I have only six frames.

“I’d explained to Alexei that I wanted to do an HDR shot – high dynamic range, where you take three shots, one under exposed, one over exposed and one correctly exposed, then you merge the three to bring out interesting colours, tones and definition – and that he’d have to remain still and not blink for a series of three images.

“We went through this process twice and we were done. He seemed surprised that it was so quick.

Another favourite subject was Arthur Smith, captured at a BerkoFest fundraiser at the Centenary Hall in Berkhamsted.

“Arthur is incredibly down to earth and what you see is exactly what you get – friendly, approachable, your slightly mad uncle.

“He was very relaxed and fortunately we had a fair bit of time so I probably had about ten minutes with him.

“Obviously he is very used to be being photographed so he was happy to be directed and also just pulled faces, it couldn’t have been easier or more fun.”

Other recent visitors who have been captured by Adam’s ever-present camera, either at Tringe gigs or other Court Theatre comedy shows staged by Tringe promotorers Get Stuffed, are Dave Gorman, Dominic Holland, Mark Thomas, Sean Hughes, Seann Walsh, Simon Evans, Stewart Lee – ‘he has a wonderfully relaxed look about him. I took five frames in total and it’s probably my favourite photo,” says Adam – Tony Law and many other familiar names.

Adam will be back at the Court later this month to catch rising star Andrew Lawrence on February 28.

You can see more of his work online at

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