Toilets U-turn shows ‘lack of understanding’

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LABOUR group leader at Dacorum Borough Council Keith White says it is a ‘significant problem’ that Adeyfield’s public toilets will not be reopening.

The councillor has waded into the debate on the future of the conveniences after traders in Queen’s Square called for their return.

“I think it demonstrates the complete lack of understanding of the importance of neighbourhood centres,” he said.

“The most busy and important neighbourhood centre in the town is without public toilets – it’s a significant problem and will continue to be a significant problem.”

The toilets were closed as part of a cuts programme in 2009 that saw 11 of the borough’s 19 public toilets axed.

The Conservative administration decided last year to reopen the toilets after acknowledging closing facilities in Adeyfield and Leverstock Green had been ‘unwise’.

However, a review of this decision was sparked by the cost of repairing vandalised toilets in Gadebridge Park. While toilets at Leverstock Green will reopen once the power supply has been connected, in Adeyfield it has been decided to instead spruce up loos in the community centre and make them available to the public.

“Some of these community centres are used by pre-schools. Are you going to get random people going into centres with pre-schools in them?” Mr White said. “I don’t think it’s a viable option. It’s much more sensible to say: ‘What are we going to do to bring those toilets back into use?’”