Time to choose God

Professor Brian Cox as God
Professor Brian Cox as God

Monty Python fans can decide who plays God when Spamalot arrives at the Waterside Theatre next month.

The six God’s-to-be, Brian May, Eric Idle, Michael Palin, Professor Brian Cox, Michael Ball and Hugh Bonneville are competing for votes to star via a giant screen at each theatre the show visits.

Voting for them will help their chosen charity, which include Headley Court Rehabilitation Centre, The Make A Wish Foundation, Great Ormond Street Hospital, Scene & Heard, Stage for Age and Keats Community Library.

Fans can vote for their favourite celebrity to play God at the Waterside by clicking here and choosing their favourite.

Spamalot’s celebrity God will be beamed from the ‘heavens’ above centre stage during each performance of the show, which lands at the Waterside from April 13-18.