Three roads could be made 20mph zones in Berkhamsted

Ellesmere Road could soon become a 20mph zone. Is this how it would look?
Ellesmere Road could soon become a 20mph zone. Is this how it would look?

Three roads could soon be trialled as new 20mph zones in Berkhamsted – and if considered a success it could be made permanent.

Councillors on the transport and environment committee of Berkhamsted Town Council have agreed in principal to lower the speed limits on Ellesmere Road, Bridge Street and George Street.

The new speed zones for the roads, which are currently 30mph, could be in place by May if consultations with residents and more detailed proposals prove successful.

The three roads would form the nucleus of the initial scheme, but it could potentially be rolled out to other routes in the town too.

One of the streets, Ellesmere Road, was subject to a safety campaign from some residents after a number of cats and a dog were killed by speeding cars.

And two years after the campaign was featured in the Gazette, the speed limit could finally be reduced.

Councillor Ian Reay, who proposed the idea after consulting with some residents, told the Gazette: “I have had representations made to me by some members of the public, and they feel it has been an issue for some time and have wanted to see this put in.

“We are proposing that two or three streets in the first instance are trialled. We have to measure traffic and speeds on those roads, and if the statistics support it we will look at it.

“They have been selected because the residents nearby are concerned. I’ve had a few residents complain about speeding cars, especially as there are youngsters playing on these roads and people walking pets.

“The funding will come out of my budget, and I can’t start that until May.

“We are getting plans drawn up and we hope to have everything in place certainly within the next year.”

One resident of Ellesmere Road, Don Shaw, who has lived at his home in the street for 30 years, said the scheme would “not be a bad idea, people do hurtle up and down.”

He added: “A 20mph zone would be fine, but I wouldn’t want speed humps.”

And Dave Carter, who lives in George Street and is the residents’ representative on the Berkhamsted parking forum, added: “I think generally it would be a good idea.

“I sit in my front room and can hear from the engine noises that people are going way too fast down the road.”