This plan aims to involve everybody

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Since my last report on January 23, I have launched my draft police and crime plan for consultation.

It sets out three key development areas for my term as Hertfordshire’s first police and crime commissioner which come under the headings of public focus, offender pays and business sense.

The plan is called Everybody’s Business because not just because it is in everyone’s interests to cut crime, but because I want to emphasise that it is also something every individual, business and organisation can contribute to.

Local authorities and public bodies must build on their successes, members of the public can do more to help fight crime, offenders should pay their way and businesses can also contribute to create the type of society that we want to live and work in.

It is a plan for all of Hertfordshire and I hope everyone sees it that way.

Key initiatives I will be developing are DriveSafe, an initiative to help communities tackle dangerous driving; a Commissioner’s fund that will invite bids from innovative local schemes that cut crime; rehabilitation programmes funded by those who commit crime; setting up a commercial unit to work with Herts businesses; and a programme with our youth offending service to keep young people away from crime.

I also want to develop Community Payback – already strong in Dacorum – so that more members of the public can have a say on the payback work offenders do across the county.

The level of response has already dwarfed that which has ever been received for any previous Police Authority plan and I am delighted by that.

You still have a couple of days to respond to the consultation – the deadline for comments to be received is on Friday – but I always want to hear your feedback.

You can read the plan and find out how to get in touch at

To make my plans for the county a reality, I will need the help of partners.

I firmly believe that bringing organisations together is the best way to tackle crime and the causes of crime.

Being Commissioner means I can have a complete overview of the system, from prevention to punishment and rehabilitation.

I will make sure the police, local government, health, probation and others combine their resources and knowhow to make this district and county even safer.

David Lloyd is Hertfordshire’s police and crime commissioner. You can contact his office on 01992 556600 or visit