Thief responsible for more than 40 break-ins

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A man who had been charged with five burglaries in Harpenden has admitted to committing another 40 across the county - including crimes in Berkhamsted and Tring.

Dennis Skiller, 32, of Eagle Close in Leighton Buzzard, was arrested on Thursday, May 9.

He held his hands up to carrying out five burglaries in Harpenden between May 3 and 5.

But after time in custody, Skiller admitted another 40 offences, which took place in Berkhamsted, Tring and Harpenden, as well as areas in Buckinghamshire.

Extra officers had been deployed to Berkhamsted and Tring and police had issued security advice to householders urging them to lock up and be vigilant following the recent spate of break-ins.

Skiller appeared at Hatfield Remand Court on Wednesday. He will reman in custody and is due to appear at St Albans Crown Court on Wednesday, May 29.