They spent decades crisscrossing each other’s lives without realising it, but became friends in Berkhamsted...

Anne Wright, now 78, and Susan Cawley, 77.
Anne Wright, now 78, and Susan Cawley, 77.
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Two women who went to the same nursery, primary and secondary school have met for the first time in their 70s.

Anne Wright, now 78, and Susan Cawley, 77, grew up in West Hartlepool.

Anne married husband Bill, now 78, in St Luke’s Church, West Hartlepool, one week after Susan and her husband David, now 77, married there in 1959.

Both couples named their eldest daughters Alison and Anne’s brother and David were teachers at Grangefield Grammar School for Boys in Stockton.

But Anne and Susan did not meet until moving into Berkhamsted’s Castle Village, hundreds of miles away. Susan said: “It was very spooky but such fun reminiscing with Anne. We have since lived very different lives but our childhoods were practically identical. Finally we have become the firm friends we were obviously destined to be.”