‘They’re putting children’s lives at risk’: Call for two new zebra crossings

Parent Louise Atkins is concerned for Tring School pupils crossing Station Road, Tring
Parent Louise Atkins is concerned for Tring School pupils crossing Station Road, Tring

Parents and school bosses are calling for new crossing points on two busy roads – but council bosses have warned other projects must come first.

The concerns are over Tring School’s Year 11 and Sixth Form students – who are aged between 15 and 18 and are allowed off site at lunchtime – crossing Station Road and London Road.

Parent Louise Atkins said: “They are putting children’s lives at risk – I can’t understand what could be more important than their safety?

“I went down to see for myself and they only need to put a foot out between those parked cars when they’re teetering on the edge. It’s a very precarious situation.”

But Nick Hollinghurst, Herts county councillor for Tring, said that while he would support any county decision to install the crossings – which would cost at least £45,000 each – he said that there were other safety projects already underway, such as a crossing on Icknield Way.

He said: “We have young children from Longbridge Close and Bushells Wharf crossing that road to go to primary school.

“Until three weeks ago, I did not know the Station Road and London Road were an issue, so I’m not prepared to cancel that project, which we have only just started, at the drop of a hat in response to an unexpected and sudden request.”

Mr Hollinghurst has however ordered a Speed Indication Device for London Road, applied for new double yellow lines on Station Road and installed new fencing on London Road.

But he added: “If the school believes there is a serious problem, I think it needs to look at ways of making it better in the short-term.

“Our Safer Routes To School project is not called ‘Safer Routes to Tesco’.”

Tring School’s business director Rod Gibberd said: “We are delighted that the county council has taken these steps but we are concerned that they are not adequate.

“We are in dialogue with the manager at Tesco and we have decided to wait and see the impact of the measures before anything else happens.”

The installation of a new zebra crossing can take up to two years of surveys, consultation and planning at county hall level.

Tring School business director Rod Gibberd confirmed the subject of road safety will be reiterated to pupils in assemblies this month.