‘The last thing we want is a fight on our doorstep’ – business sues Old Town contractor

Hole in the basement of Old Hempstead House, owned by Balneaves Chadwick
Hole in the basement of Old Hempstead House, owned by Balneaves Chadwick

One business for whom the roadworks saga has still not ended is chartered surveyor firm Balneaves Chadwick, who continue to pursue a legal claim against contractors Jackson.

Directors Steve Chadwick and Ken Balneaves, who are converting their old offices at Old Hempstead House into six residential apartments, saw the basement to the property suffer a gaping hole allegedly as a result of Jackson’s work.

While discussions remain ongoing with the contractor about this issue, the partners are currently in the process of suing Jackson for further damage to their other property – Charleston House in the High Street – which was flooded after the contractor carried out pavement levelling works just outside. The fault, thought to have been caused by the spilling of mortar into a pipe, left the surveyors’ business tenants without the use of a toilet.

Mr Chadwick said: “We are trying to run a business, which is difficult enough in this market, but we are having to deal with these other problems. We want to name and shame them because they think they have an open remit to do whatever they want.

“The last thing we want to be doing is fighting with people on our own doorstep, but as a small business it shouldn’t be us footing the bill.”

Additionally, the company is receiving instalments of compensation for damage to their glass doors as a result of one of Jackson’s traffic cones being thrown at the building by a vandal overnight.

Sandeep Singh Grover was handed a community order and asked to pay back £200 of the £900 worth of damage caused to the surveyors.