Teen suicide texted sorry before running into road

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A STUDENT texted his friend to say he was sorry a minute before running into the path of an oncoming car, an inquest heard.

Herts Coroner’s Court was told Craig Burns, 18, of Keats Close in Hemel Hempstead, was seen in a dark hoodie waiting at a bus stop on the A4147 and then sprinting into the road.

Driver Gary Joslyn, who had been to the cinema at Jarman Park with a young boy, said in a statement read to the court: “As we drew closer the male stepped forward into the layby. All of a sudden the male started to run towards my car. He had his arms outstretched. I clearly remember seeing him. He seemed to relax and there was a big bang.”

In the text sent to his friend Max, who he had stayed with the night before, Craig said: “I’m so sorry. There is a note under my mattress.”

Coroner Edward Thomas said: “They looked under the mattress and found a note. He was very complementary about his family and complementary about his friends and happy times he had had with all of them and so sorry for what he was going to do.”

Reading from the note he said: “None of you have done anything wrong. You have only done what’s right.”

The court was told a witness saw Craig at the bus stop at the junction with Beechtree Lane just before 5pm on February 15, dressed in dark clothes.

The West Herts College student, who worked part-time at Marks and Spencer in St Albans, was then seen ‘leaning slightly back and then running at a sprint’ towards Mr Joslyn’s Citreon C3.

“There was nothing the driver could do, it was instantaneous,” Mr Thomas said.

In the two weeks prior to his death Craig had ‘talked a lot about memories and past events’ and days before he was ‘a bit down’.

At 4.54pm he sent the text to Max and at 4.55pm the collision took place.

Mr Thomas, recording a verdict of suicide, said: “His note is detailed about his love for his family, his love for his friends, his feeling that he wishes to take his own life, but really nothing explaining to us deeply, why, which I think is sad because he gave a lot to people.”