Teen artist Is shining in the London limelight

Isabelle Holland showcasing her artwork
Isabelle Holland showcasing her artwork

Budding artist Isabelle Holland stepped into the limelight recently at DLD College London’s annual art exhibition, showcasing her impressive work.

The 17-year-old artist from the Marylebone-based campus took visitors on a tour of the gallery which displayed her own finest art exhibits along with those of her fellow students, including a wide range of styles from abstractions to real time photography.

Isabelle, who will soon go on to study the second year of her A-levels, is keen to pursue a career in fashion and styling.

For her creation, Isabelle photographed magical themes and romantic landscapes before using the images as her inspiration for her piece, for which she used watercolour with ink to bring colour to life.

Rachel Borland, principal at DLD College London, said: “It has been another extremely successful year for Art, Design and Photography at DLD College.

“The expertise of the staff and the student’s natural creativity has enabled students to nurture and develop their abilities to achieve the grades to gain entry to and continue to study at recognised prestigious collages of Art, both in the UK and internationally.

“We are remarkably proud of Isabelle’s phenomenal work and her development in her first year here at DLD College London, she has a promising future ahead of her.”

Founded in 1931, DLD College London is one of the oldest and most prestigious colleges in the UK, and since its foundation has built a strong reputation amongst students, parents, schools and universities.