Taxi fares increases come a step closer

Taxi sign.
Taxi sign.

Taxi fares look set to go up after price increases were endorsed by Dacorum Borough Council’s licensing committee.

The group that represents the borough’s taxi drivers requested the rises earlier this year to help meet increasing costs for items such as fuel and insurance.

On a typical daytime tariff the fare would rise by 18p to £4.30 for a one-mile journey, increase £1.14 for five miles to £12.30 and go up £2.34 for 10 miles to £22.30.

The committee recommended that the price rises are put before the council’s cabinet for approval next month.

A higher price for the fouling of taxi is also suggested – rising from £40 to £55 – something that was supported by 69 per cent of respondents to an online consultation.

However, when it came to increasing tariffs, 68 per cent felt the increase to the basic daytime ‘tariff one’ was too high, 77 per cent felt the 
same about late night and early morning ‘tariff two’ and 67 per cent said the increase 
to ‘tariff three’, which applies on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day 
was too much.

The committee suggested that the hours during which ‘tariff two’ applies should be reduced to exclude Sundays and between 11pm and midnight.

Passengers currently pay a higher rate between 11pm and 7am, Sundays, bank holidays and between 6pm and midnight on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.